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Soul inspiration clothing line designed by Wander Knot. Free spirit clothes for gypsy hearts inspired by my spiritual journey and life experiences.

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Recycle Love Tee

Recycle Love Tee

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Love is the basis of all existence - a simple fact in my book. The best I can explain Recycle Love is the idea of being the love you want to have - the genuine love you want to see in the world. What you put out to the Universe is given back to you. There is a lot more than I can probably explain behind this and why I chose to name my solo road trip the "recycle love project," but I am ever so certain that I have found a spark within myself, a passion for my simple being, and a grand love for the journey of life I am wandering on. 

Ladies fit, satin jersey tee. This lightweight scoop tee has a loose fit, and soft touch. Ideal for lounging, or for a more laid-back look.

  • Heather Gray
  • 100% cotton
  • Deep scoop neck
  • Wander Knot logo printed small on back of shirt below neckline.

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