Tigers Eye Crystal Soy Candle - Power and Good Fortune

Tigers Eye Crystal Soy Candle - Power and Good Fortune


Soy candle with hidden crystal inside. Tigers eye encouraging power and good fortune.

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Within the soy candle, you'll find a tigers eye stone waiting to be cherished. Tigers eye enhances personal power, strengthens sense of self, boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, aids in decision-making, breaks cycles of inaction, increases courage.

The soy wax is American farmed and hand-poured. The wax is a completely natural and renewable resource providing soot-free experience when burned properly. The wick is made from organic hemp. The scent is made with a mix of natural essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oil blends.

You'll enjoy a transcending yin and yang of scents: mint and musk, citrus and melon, floral and earth - a little of everything with the tigers eye candle. The 9 oz jar provides a 50 hour burn time.

Stone reference from Crystals for Healing book by Karen Frazier.