Garnet Crystal Soy Candle - Vitality and Devotion

Garnet Crystal Soy Candle - Vitality and Devotion


Soy candle with hidden crystal inside. Garnet encouraging vitality and devotion.

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Within the soy candle, you'll find a garnet stone waiting to be cherished. Garnet aids chakra cleaning, supports grounding, enhances passion and love, promotes helping one another, cleanses negative energies, amplifies other crystals.

The soy wax is American farmed and hand-poured. The wax is a completely natural and renewable resource providing soot-free experience when burned properly. The wick is made from organic hemp. The scent is made with a mix of natural essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oil blends.

You'll enjoy a wintery evergreen forest aroma with refreshing hints of pine, spruce, and fire with the garnet candle. The 9 oz jar provides a 50 hour burn time.

Stone reference from Crystals for Healing book by Karen Frazier.