The Wander Knot brand is built around inspirations from my spiritual journey and life experiences. The idea started with wanting to wear clothes that held deep meaning behind it. Everything I design has some soul connection to it. From the tattoo sleeve I drew up to the things that fill my home, every detail has story. Everything I do in life has valuable purpose. I am a walking statement of all I believe which is also the basis of Wander Knot - self expression at its finest. Once I started designing shirts that reflected me, I thought why not share my creations with everyone else letting my energy spread like wildfires. Bam, the shop sparked!

The free-spirited brand has expanded greatly from the original idea of only designing clothing. I welcome evolutions with an open heart as I follow my intuition. My Universe believing, metaphysical craving, crystal obsessing side of me kicked in and I started making bracelets from natural elements, crystals candles, and dreamcatchers. New things are always popping up as I’m inspired through my daily life. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @wander_knot.

Watercolor Crystal Paintings

The creative mind behind Wander Knot

Hi, I’m Julie! I want to connect with others who believe life is made to be extravagant and rich in the heart. Those who hunger for adventure the same as I do. The distinctive individuals who let go of expectations and get out and experience life's greatest offerings. I love being able to share, through designing and creating, experiences that have brought me to finding my true self. I want to encourage you to put yourself out there because when you do you allow beautiful things to happen. I challenge each and every human to find their inner soul and shine a light on it. Create your world. Be proud of who you are and your uniqueness. We are all different, and that is what makes the world a beautiful place.

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