Wander Knot
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About Store and Creative Artist

Free spirit collections of metaphysical jewelry, crystal candles, and essential oil diffuser bracelets inspired by my soulful experiences.



The Wander Knot brand is built around inspirations from my life's journey and experiences. The idea started with wanting to wear clothes that held deep meaning behind it. Everything I design has some soul connection to it. You should hear the story behind my tattoo sleeve I drew if you have a couple of spare hours, ha! Or perhaps something simple in your eyes such as the arrow in my logo that to me has more depth than imaginable. The fact is everything I do in life has valuable purpose. I am a walking statement of all I believe in which is also the basis of Wander Knot - self expression at its finest. Once I started designing shirts that reflected me, I thought why not share my creations with everyone else letting my energy spread like wildfires. Bam, the shop sparked!

Many of my designs are linked directly to a specific occurrence such as with the Recycle Love collection, some hit me on a spiritual level, and others are simply just really cool things that I cannot find anywhere else that I wanted. Whatever the inspiration may be, I'm thrilled to offer fashions unique to Wander Knot. Be sure to stop by often. New things are always popping up.

With each purchase, a portion of proceeds go to the National Park Foundation.

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Handmade jewelry sprinkled with a bit of metaphysical goodness. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with crystals and other natural elements such as wood and even an essential oil diffuser line made with lava stone.

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Shop the clothing line featuring shirts, yoga pants, and even a cute one for the little adventurers out there. Designs inspired by experiences or things that I just adore that I cannot find anywhere else (hint the crystals and moon phases leggings!).

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iphone cases

iPhone cases inspired by my favorite quote that has meant so much: "not all who wander are lost". The design features a photograph taking with my vintage Canon film camera of an adventure in Shenandoah National Park on a frosty morning.


Travel Prints

Also discover some of the fine art travel photography prints offered in the shop. These come matted and ready to frame. Display art pieces of nature's extraordinary creations. As it has been said land really is the best art.

The creative mind behind Wander Knot:

I want to connect with others who believe life is made to be extravagant and rich in the heart. Those who hunger for adventure the same as I do. The distinctive individuals who let go of expectations and get out and experience life's greatest offerings. I love being able to share, through designing and creating, experiences that have brought me to finding my true self. I want to encourage you to put yourself out there because when you do you allow beautiful things to happen. I challenge each and every human to find their inner soul and shine a light on it. Create your world. Be proud of who you are and your uniqueness. We are all different, and that is what makes the world a beautiful place.

  • Lover of life and all its magic.
  • Wedding and lifestyle photographer Magnolia + Ember.
  • Soulful dreamer. A necessity to always try to find the beauty in everything.
  • Creative mind. I live for designing anything that expresses me.
  • Nature junkie. The Universe has so much to offer. Get out and discover!
  • Founding ambassador of National Park Geek - save 10% with code wanderknot
  • Music enthusiast. Music can speak soul like nothing else. I can explain life and my emotions strictly in John Mayer and Ben Howard lyrics.
  • I like my coffee black and my wine red.
  • Healthy obsession with crystals ☾
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Believer in the Universe and all that lies within.