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Under Great Lights | Acoustic House Concert

under great lights house concert

This is by far the coolest experience I have ever had!

A few months ago, an app called Snapverse held a contest where one could submit a "selfieoke" (from a UGL song) across their platform and other social media networks. A selfieoke is just what it sounds like. Selfie + Karaoke = Selfiokie. And I don't sing in front of people. One day in the midst of one of my Twitter indulgences, I came across this contest. I was slightly familiar with the band, Under Great Lights, from Twitter interactions. I thought "I'll give this a shot; it doesn't hurt" -- after all the winner received a concert in their house. Regardless of the artist, who wouldn't want to experience something neat like this? A once in a lifetime deal. Well lo and behold, I WON! Something I didn't see coming for sure.

But the neatest of all things...

brent shuttleworth

I got WAY MORE than I ever bargained for. The other thing I didn't see coming was the impact this band would have with me. The music is so inspiring! And to hear it live and acoustic? Goodness gracious! Happiness and enjoying life is what it is all about, and these guys hit it on the spot. Their personalities fit their music to a T. The perfect mix of reggae and love, you will fall in awe with Under Great Lights too! They have gained one true fan for life. I will be seeing these guys again if anyone is up for a Nashville trip!

brent under great lights
rob stone cureton
under great lights

Thank you Brent and Rob! - Julie

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