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Yoga Boudoir | Smoky Mountains, TN

Marielle first contacted me wanting to capture a personal project she has long thought about. She wanted to have a boudoir session with yoga inspiration involved somehow - and this is what we came up with.

We chose a late fall date and an start early morning time since we knew we had a few hours of hiking ahead of us. It was a cloudy day (no biggie cause cloud are awesome and so it cooler weather when hiking!), but we didn't even think of weather related problems we might run into during our trip. I started photographing Marielle a little ways up the trail and along the way leading to our final amazing destination we had planned. She rocked some awesome cliffside yoga poses opening her soul to the world.

Yoga is many different things. It is empowering, spiritual, disciplining, and so much more. Transformation at its finest.

Here's the fun part. Talk about an adventure. With all the colorful leaves surrounding us, Marielle changes into her Recycled Soul shirt, sits upon a rock, and mentions how she wishes all the fall leaves would swirl around her for this particular picture. At this point she must have hard core been connecting with Mother Nature in her meditation moment, but she brought more than just the leaves. Holy Smokes. Rain. Not just a little rain, this was full on storm! Mind you we still have over 1.5 miles before we finish this trip with no intentions of bailing because the waterfall at the end was the whole reason for this location. We refused to let the rain disappoint as we tracked right through it. It made for some stellar yoga photos while soaking wet. Talk about dedication. Thinking back on it now, maybe headstands in wet leaves are not a good idea - ha!

I will have to say our final moments in the freezing cold waterfall of Spruce Flats Falls were truly epic. After all, it did land a spot in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine (Issue 12 p.61!).

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Featured in Mantra Magazine