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New York Beach Camping on Long Island

My son and I set off on an 8-day extravaganza to visit my boyfriend who lives on Long Island, New York resulting in 1800 miles driven, 33 hours behind the wheel, and the best week any person could ever ask for. I never could have imagined how amazing New York beach camping on Long Island would turn out - truthfully anywhere would be pure perfection as long as we were together (<--- corny, but a fact). We experienced so many firsts together on this trip from cooking tacos over a fire and roasting dinosaur chicken nuggets to sleeping under a blanket of stars for an entire night snuggled close and so many more unmentioned. I captured a time-lapse video of the most breathtaking sunset I have seen over the bay. I even checked off a few of my bucketlist items including capturing a star trail picture.I left all my worries, planner, and most importantly social media back in Tennessee. I realized this week just how much of my time is consumed by social media whether resulting from the actual need to be active for work, curiosity, or simply boredom. It saddens me to realize the habit formed to pick up my phone in spare minutes throughout my day and scroll aimlessly. Before pulling out of my driveway to embark on the road trip, I signed out of everything and turned off all notifications. I lived this week with what was right in front of me - what I could hold in my arms. Sure there is a time for it as I am about to share this via social networks and a necessity as a photog, but I have decided to not let it be overwhelming anymore. Actually since my return, I have even deleted all apps from my phone only allowing me to check notifications and messages when I sit at my computer. Random personal info about my opinion and such for you to know, but it excites me nonetheless. If there is one thing I can learn from having a long distance relationship, never take a second for granted you have with someone you love. Make every moment count. Ok and maybe patience is a second thing to acquire a sense of (or be unwillingly forced to deal, either way ha!). What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

I love adventures we share, I love the life we have the power to create, and most of all I love our company.

We ate well and cheaply and drank well and cheaply and slept well and warm together and loved each other.
— Hemingway