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Full of Love and Adventure | Branding My Photography

I am an artist. I live to create. The light has been in me since I was a young child. From the rockstar toddler always having to be taking pictures and looking/smiling in the mirror to the little more older self making music videos and creating dances (age not disclosed lol), and crafting anything I could. I look back at my childhood and young adult life and see why the things that mean the most now have always been the things to mean the most. 

You are faced with things in life that build you, break you, almost down right kill you, all to grow you, mold you, teach you all about you. You learn what you like and what you don't. I truly believe you create the life you want to live. You attract what you are. You want love, you have to be love.

Photography has always been a huge part of my life. The older I get, the more deeply I connect with my passion behind the art. The wiser I get, the more I realize the expression behind artists' minds that drive them.

As you can see I am exposing a whole new look to Jewels Photography. I finally feel like I am right where I am meant to be in my career. I feel like the 6 years of experience, change, and growth in business has finally led me to figuring out just why I do what I do. Photography is a full time [insert cool word here because job just doesn't cut it]. It is something that I wake up everyday and strive to improve and expand my knowledge. Why? Just because I can. It excites me, it drives me, and it completes a part of my soul. I rise early every morning with the sun and begin my days. Some days filled with make believe, magic tricks, crafting, and dress up with the kids. Some lost in the woods. School days filled with all work, all play for me. I am truly blessed to be able to create something I can share with the world. I love the gift of giving when it comes from the heart. I am not one for big fancy, expensive things. I want adventure, brilliance, and thoughtfulness. The tiniest things can mean the most (take for example my favorite piece of crystal I've had since I was 11 that I graciously gave away because I knew it belongs in his kind hands). 

I adore how the thrill of my life and desires fall right in line with my photography. I seek love and adventure. I find great enjoyment in traveling which is why I offer worldwide wedding photographer. Can I challenge you to send me somewhere new? I easily connect with people when I feel they have the same enthusiasm about life. And that's a super cool feeling. My favorite couples to photograph are those have the same appreciation for this grand escapade we call life. Those who share that head over heels crazy about each other love together. An unconditional love that is shared on your soul's level. Vivacious. That kind of love.

ps, someone send me to photograph a National Park elopement out west!

Subtle request right, now back to topic :-) It is neat to think of all the steps I've taken to be here and set backs I've faced that have build my strength and appreciation for my journey. I am ready to show the world my soul. Ready to put my heart on the line and give it all I got.

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Always be true to yourself, love wholly, and be kind in all endeavors.
— me