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A Trip Down A Long Winding Road

A long and winding road called life. Our journey takes us to places full of twists and turns often spectacular, but sometimes it wipes your feet out from under you. Still we always manage to get back up. One aspect of life is that it is ever-changing. We as humans, as beautiful souls are constantly evolving. Each experience we go through teaches a lesson we came to Earth to learn so we can make a positive difference in the world. Everything moves you closer to the person you are meant to be. Each lesson grows our spirits closer to its purpose of obtaining unconditional love - as I've said before love is the basis of all existence.

I relaunched Wander Knot after a soul-changing road trip across the country all alone. I had ideas of what I thought it could be or was going to be, but I honestly was a bit clueless as to what this project had potential of creating. And more importantly, I had zero clue of how dramatically my life was going to change over the next 8 months that would ultimately affect everything.

In the beginning I thought only of sharing details of my travels such as where I've been, funny stories, traveling tips, how-tos, and such like; so I began blogging and left everyone hanging for 6 months without a new post. Life got in the way of continuing to keep up with fresh content. There are reasons clear to me now that kept me from pursuing the blog with my original intentions. For those of you looking for travel tips and exciting stories, those will certainly be shared along the way too, but I have much greater inspirations to share since this change. There has been a shift in perspective leading to a deeper connection that has made me understand why this magnetized pull towards nature exists within me and why adventure is so important:

The connection to a Universal love.

There are great plans for Wander Knot this upcoming year: new collaborations with partners, the start of a clothing line designed by yours truly expressing my free-spirited vibe, an expansion with styling shoots for other creatives' businesses, and of course sharing more of my mind's secret journal. I make no promises to how often I will write, but I promise it will be worth it when I do. Join me as I go with the flow enjoying this fun ride. Thank you for being here on my journey and allowing me to share myself with you. I aspire to reach in the depth of your heart and shake it to the core enabling your authentic self to rise just as mine is.

big sur redwood trees
big sur evergreen tree needles
big sur mountains

above are photographs from some time spent in Big Sur, California

In excitement that today John Mayer released the first wave of his new album The Search for Everything and for the fact that the right music always finds its way to my soul in the right moment, I'll leave you with this.