Meet Julie Crawford, the soul behind Wander Knot.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. It means the world to me that you are here. I am a free-spirited artist that desires to create whatever I can to inspire. Everything you find on Wander Knot is sure to have been pulled from the deepest parts of my soul and brought forth. I carry a true passion for life and am a firm believer that if you cannot put your whole heart into something that it isn't worth your time.

In addition to adventuring and art, you can also find me touring the majestic Earth capturing fearless love stories of wild couples. Magnolia + Ember is built around having a soft spot for those couples who are crazy about each other. You know the ones that when you strip all worldly things away and left with nothing but the bare soul and they simply just can't get enough of each other... Those extraordinary connections are what I crave.

wander knot julie crawford

Home is based outside Knoxville, TN, and my passport is locked and loaded to travel anywhere my photography can take me. Traveling to me isn't an escape; it is my journey. Adventure is what breathes life into my soul. I am crazy passionate about what I do, and with that I put everything into my art and all that's behind it.


May love allow you to discover you. May you find every depth of your soul
through the grand adventures of life’s journey. May you share that space with
your special someone.

Love is the basis for all existence. There is also endless gratitude for my creative spirit that allows me to indulge my senses through art; through photographs. When I look back at pictures, at the memories that are forever frozen in a still frame, everything I felt in that moment comes crashing down. That to me is the definition of art.

I want to connect with others who believe life is made to be extravagant and rich in the heart. Those who hunger for adventure the same as I do. The distinctive individuals who let go of expectations and get out and experience life's greatest offerings. I hope with Wander Knot to inspire the world. I want to share my experiences that have brought me to finding my true self and to let you know that is it ok to put yourself out there because when you do you allow beautiful things to happen. I challenge each and every human to find their inner soul and shine a light on it. Create your world. Be proud of who you are and your uniqueness. We are all different, and that is what makes the world a beautiful place.

Life is short. Be you. Recycle love. Stay weird.

Fun Facts:

  • Lover of life and all its magic.
  • Soulful dreamer. A necessity to always try to find the beauty in everything.
  • Creative mind. I live for designing anything that expresses me.
  • Nature junkie. The Universe has so much to offer. Get out and discover!
  • Founding ambassador of National Park Geek - save 10% with code wanderknot
  • Music enthusiast. Music can speak soul like nothing else. I can explain life and my emotions strictly in John Mayer and Ben Howard lyrics.
  • I like my coffee black and my wine red.
  • Healthy obsession with crystals
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Believer in the Universe and all that lies within.