Wander Knot
Spiritual Protection and Healing Crystals Bracelet

Metaphysical Store for Free Spirit and Beautiful Souls

Metaphysical store for essential oil diffuser bracelets, crystal candles, ritual tools, apothecary, and more inspired by my spiritual journey.


Metaphysical + Soul Inspired Store for Free Spirits



Handmade bracelets sprinkled with a bit of metaphysical goodness. Designed with crystals and other natural elements such as wood including an essential oil diffuser line made with lava stone.


Shop the clothing line featuring shirts and yoga pants. Designs inspired by my own spiritual journey and life experiences.


Meditation aids and ritual tools for spiritual practices and energy cleansing.


Hand poured soy wax candles with organic hemp wicks. Each includes a hidden crystals inside and made with a mix of natural essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oil blends.